Services — Applied Data Corp

ADC offers a number of services associated with installation, integration, implementation, and support for our tech solutions.  No matter if you have a simple support issue, or a more complex need—such as team training—we have the expertise to help you on your way.

  • Product Support: Our around-the-clock Customer Support is your one-stop for software support.
  • Training: We offer a training program to help you and your associates learn how to use InterStore as efficiently as possible.
  • Retail Business Consulting: ADC’s team can perform Fresh Item Management audits within your company to help determine the areas that need to be addressed right away.
  • Software and Hardware Installation: Our professional and knowledgeable staff members can assist in your software installation to help reduce common installation errors.
  • Solutions Development: ADC’s experienced development team can work with you to create custom software solutions to meet your needs.