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InterScale scales management software hosts future-dated item/article, retail and promotional prices and label information from one scale-neutral system at your grocery/supermarket/convenience chain headquarters to an unlimited mix of barcode labeling scales and printers, regardless of vendor, model, protocol or age.

This product features:

  • The brand-neutral InterScale Scales Manager software, which hosts data to and from barcode labeling scales, printers and kiosks.
  • The iScale Hardware, a rack-mountable server that optionally connects and manages barcode labeling scales in your stores.
  • The ScaleSafe Backup and Restore software which ensures you never lose any of the data on the multiple brands of barcode labeling scales and printers.
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InterScale is a universally compatible scales management system that communicates with all models of price-look-up scales and barcode label printers from every major manufacturer (full list here).

That means that InterScale can host future-dated item/article, price, and label information from one scale-neutral system at your grocery chain headquarters to any combination of scales. The system works regardless of a scale’s vendor, model, protocol, or age.

The HQ and in-store dashboards within InterScale shows data visualizations of key business performance metrics. These graphs have a drill-down organization structure, making it easy to monitor critical events and errors.

scale management software

Through effective monitoring you can improve scale pricing and tare accuracy, resulting in:
  • Lower labor costs
  • Higher sales volume
  • Reduced spoils and waste
  • Higher profits overall

The Central System provides a web User Interface that’s used to define and transmit scale data maintenance, as well as centrally store and change fresh item information. In-store associates can use any web-browser to access the system. Once they’re logged in, they can begin zoning data elements to meet specialized store conditions.

  • InterScale allows you to control the definition of ingredients, nutritional information, and labeling. Changes to any of these criteria are automatically transmitted to the InterScale Scale Server(s) residing either on an iScale, your in-store processor, or Point-of-Sale (POS) controllers.
  • The InterScale Enterprise Edition manages data at each level of your organizational hierarchy, from corporate, down through banners, divisions, districts, and even to individual stores.

In-Store Systems deliver changes via an electronic link from either the iScale, an in-store processor, or a POS controller to each of the barcode labeling scales and/or printers in your perishable item departments.Scale Server Software Module

  • Scale Production Totals

    Scale production totals are regularly and automatically retrieved for reporting, inventory processing, and host retrieval. InterScale Store Software has two modules for you to consider installing, they are:

  • Scale Server Software Module

    This module typically runs in the background on a given device. Running simultaneously is either the InterScale Central System or a third-party item management system that’s been extended to export scale commands in InterScale’s Scale Neutral data format. The InterScale Scale Neutral file format, which passes data to and from the Scale Server software, is in a published format to allow information systems specialists to provide the data that the InterScale Scale Server software needs.

  • WebStore Web-Browser In-Store User Interface (thin-client)

    This module answers the need for a thin-client user interface in the store. Periodic database maintenance and application updates accrue over time into expensive, resource-intensive store support costs. ADC’s implementation of this thin-client topology is “zero-client,” since zero application software is installed in the store. The WebStore UI provides all of the functionality of an in-store database module: “manager special” price batches can be created and sent to scales, scale reloads, reporting, etc., yet on a zero-client basis.

Connectivity – The problem with supporting serial scales is that there’s no standardization between the connectors of various scale vendors and models. ADC solves this problem by standardizing Cat-5 Ethernet cable and RJ45 modular connectors to carry serial signals throughout the store network.

  • To connect to the scale from an Ethernet network, ADC provides a range of standardized, part numbered patch cables. Each one has an RJ45 male connectors on one end and the proprietary scale connectors on the other.
  • ADC has these specialized cables professionally made by an external manufacturer. They are 100% stress and connectivity tested. Contact ADC sales for a part numbered pricing list.


iScale is a solid-state rack-mountable server. It’s used to manage the barcode labeling printer scales within a store. Its plug-and-go design enables it to manage any combination of scales in your store, including serial and Ethernet scales from any of the vendors listed here.

iScale allows data to be hosted to your mix of barcode labeling scales and printers. However, the iScale is also very light-weight – it’s the minimum hardware necessary to connect serial scales in the store to your Enterprise InterScale system. This allows as much InterScale functionality as possible to be run on a centralized server at your headquarters.

iScale Models:

  • A Zero-Port model for stores with all-Ethernet and no serial scales.
  • A Two-Port model with two serial ports that can “talk” in any of the serial protocols and line-levels that the scales need under software control. Each serial port can support up to 2 x 32 RS485 serial scales.
  • A Four-Port model with four serial ports. Each serial port can support up to 4 x 32 RS485 serial scales.
  • An Eight-Port model with twice as many software configurable ports as the Four-Port. Can support up to 8 x 32 RS485 scales, plus any number of Ethernet scales.

If you have all Ethernet scales in the store with a fast and reliable intranet/WAN connection to HQ, all of the InterScale software, including the Scale Server module, can run on one HQ server. That way you don’t need an iScale in the store.

However, keeping an iScale in-store does provide a high level of resilience, as well as the security that your scales management change batches are going to apply on time, even if the WAN connection is down at scale communication time. InterScale can support any mix of stores with serial scales (via an iScale) and Ethernet scales (via iScale or direct from Central).

With the iScale, you’re provided with a constant 24/7 ‘spare in the air’ support program, which guarantees a replacement iScale is quickly up-and-running with installation by in-store staff – no service technician call is needed.


ADC’s ScaleSafe is powerful software used for backing up data from multiple brands of barcode labeling scales and printers, as well as for restoring data back to scales. ScaleSafe works with both wired and wireless barcode labeling scales and printers. For Ethernet scales, ScaleSafe can even backup and restore to the scale remotely, as long as the scale is visible on the network.

ScaleSafe allows service technicians to service a variety of scale brands. That means no expensive service calls for each scale type, saving you time and money.

ScaleSafe can run in both native-scale and scale-neutral modes:

  • In native-scale mode it can restore data to scales of the same brand and model.
  • Scale-neutral mode allows it to backup PLU, extended text, and nutritional facts data into ADC’s Scale Neutral format.

This means that ScaleSafe can restore data to any of the scale types and models from this list.