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ADC’s P-Cubed Production Manager provides grocery, convenience and food service retailers with visibility of what is happening in their fresh food departments.

Retailers are able to manage and track the production and ordering in all of their fresh food service areas, including Meat, Seafood, Bakery, Prepared Foods, Deli and Produce, via a user interface accessible through any web browser.

P-Cubed is modular in design so that retailers have the ability to install the collection of P-Cubed modules that address their immediate requirements, adding on additional modules as needed.

An integrated SQL Server or Oracle central database is the repository for perishable inventory data, providing powerful cross-store analysis reporting.

Additionally, ADC’s P-Cubed Production Manager does all of the following:

  • Generates demand-driven production plans for fresh food departments, based on store-specific sales histories.
  • Minimizes unnecessary waste.
  • Provides an easy-to-operate system from Production Planning to Sales Analysis.
  • Maintains accurate inventory in all departments.
  • Point of Sale (POS) movement ordering of perishable sales.
  • At-Case Markdowns with replacement labels or cents-off coupons from portable printers, with tracking and analysis.
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The shelf life of your perishable food items is short, often just a few hours, requiring near real-time views of store department performance.

ADC’s P-Cubed fresh food inventory modules generate and send alerts to key associates when an inventory exception condition is reached and provide near real-time inventory inquiries and reports, so you know what fresh foods are on-hand at all times.

The P-Cubed modules designed to maintain your fresh food inventory are:

The Physical Inventory Manager allows you to perform periodic physical inventory counts within your fresh food departments.

  • The Physical Inventory Manager performs periodic physical inventory counts within your fresh food departments.  By using hand-held, wireless scanners, store associates in your fresh food departments capture physical inventory, in real-time.  In-store managers can then validate the inventory and post it to the system, adjusting on-hand perpetual inventory values as they go.

The Perpetual Inventory Manager (PFIM) monitors fresh items throughout their life-cycle in both back-room and saleable states.

  • The PFIM monitors the ways that fresh item inventory moves through your stores, in real-time.  It tracks fresh items through their total life-cycle in any number of discrete inventory states, per department.

The Shrink/Waste Manager identifies waste levels and contributing factors in order to assist management with reducing perishable food waste.

  • The Shrink/Waste Manager identifies waste factors to assist management with reducing perishable food wastage, helping chains to reduce waste in fresh food department categories and reducing the amount of labor required to capture and report waste by using hand-held wireless barcode scanners.
  • The Shrink/Waste Manager also tracks products being donated at the item level and identifies perishable items that are over produced or un-sellable.  The software also provides the ability to track products used for demonstrations and sampling, isolating losses for insurance claims from catastrophic events such as power failures, floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, etc.  Not only that, but the Shrink/Waste Manger generates accurate IRS-Compliant food donation reports, allowing food items that are on/past their “sell-by” date to be charitably donated as a tax write-off.


P-Cubed increases efficiency in your fresh food departments by enabling technology to instruct and track in-store processes, such as at-case mobile markdowns.

The P-Cubed modules for control and monitoring of in-store operations are:

The Mobile Markdown Manager allows store associates to scan and print markdown labels at the display case or shelf.

  • The Mobile Markdown Manager allows store associates to scan and print markdown labels at the display case or on the shelf, with hand-held scanners and portable printers, eliminating labor-intensive and time-consuming steps, while greatly reducing your throwaway waste.  You no longer have to pull stock off the shelves, take it into the backroom and reweigh and/or wrap each item, as it can be re-labeled at the shelf.  All markdown transaction details are instantly available for use, making it easier to understand and manage the information.  Click here to view a list of the supported label printers.

The Fresh Combination Manager (FCM) easily tracks customer-selectable fresh orders.

  • Currently, grocery, convenience and food-service chains that sell customer-selectable fresh item combinations, such as food platters or custom floral bouquets, are only able to track the quantity of “plate” units sold through their Point of Sale (POS) system, and not the individual fresh “side” components that make up each “plate” order.  Because the customer-selectable “plate” orders vary with each customer, retailers are unable to track the inventory of “side” items and store team members are left to guess how much of each fresh component should be ordered and produced, leading to outages and lost sales.
  • With the FCM software module, retailers can uniquely track each customer-selectable fresh “plate” item sold.   The FCM software module works for a variety of customer-selectable fresh item “plate” orders: Food Plate, Floral Bouquet, Flavor-Level Doughnut/Bagel/Muffin Mix, Sandwiches or Subs or Custom Cakes.


Your grocery or convenience chain competes on its ability to provide the best selection of fresh foods to customers. It is imperative that the right amount of prepared fresh product be available in store departments at the right time.

ADC’s fresh-focused forecasting engine has evolved over many years to use shelf-life, store-specific demand and wastage history to generate optimal production plans and orders in your fresh food departments.

ADC’s P-Cubed replenishment modules are:

The In-Store Fresh Production Planner (ISFFP) generates demand-based production plans.

  • The ISFFP generates demand-based production plans from store-specific sales history, which results in having the optimum amount and variety of fresh foods available at the right time for your customers.  The software also presents a simple “to-do” list for fresh-department operators, recommending what items to prepare and how much of each, covering preparation, production and finishing.  Audit reports are also available to tell central management who knew best – the store associate or the predictive system.

The Multi-Outlet Production Planner generates consolidated production plans for multiple sales outlets.

  • The Multi-Outlet Production Planner is an extension of ADC’s In-Store Fresh Production Planner, focused on centralized production facilities with multiple fresh product sales outlets.  The Multi-Outlet Production Planner uses sales and waste history from fresh products to generate a consolidated production plan of store-specific demand forecasts for the centralized production facilities. When implemented with ADC’s InterScale Scales Manager, the Multi-Outlet Production Planner can generate EAN/UPC or GS1 expanded barcodes for each saleable fresh product within the ship-case.


Fresh food availability is why your customers pass by your competitors to keep coming back to your convenience store.

The consistent availability of high-quality “destination” fresh food items is critical in returning customers to your stores, time after time.

On each return to buy their favorite lunch or snack item they make many other “impulse” purchases, creating a level of profitability far above the destination items alone.

Accurate forecasting ensures that fresh product will be available to meet customer demand, without wasting too much when it goes outside of its sell-by date.

ADC has two software bundles designed to meet the fresh food needs of convenience store chains: C-Pack and C-Pack+.

C-Pack provides easy to use recommendations for convenience store operators on what and how much fresh food to prepare, based on historical sales, recent trends, special events and waste analysis.

C-Pack helps:

  • Increase sales by significantly reducing stock-outs.
  • Optimize fresh food availability by having the right amount of fresh food available, at the right time to meet customer demand.
  • Reduce dependence on experience and guesswork in a high-turnover environment.
  • Reduce waste to a predetermined control target while maximizing sales.
  • Monitor lost sales opportunities at the item/category level.
  • Increase visibility of throwaways and markdowns on an item, category and department basis.

C-Pack bundles the following software modules: P-Cubed Production Manager and P-Cubed Shrink/Wastage Manager.

C-Pack+ is a supplement to the C-Pack Sales and Shrink/Wastage Optimization software. C-Pack+ provides enhanced visibility of inventory levels in stores and matches that data to the ingredients and materials needed to meet forecast sales.

With C-Pack+ you can systematically track physical inventory of prepared foods, ingredients and materials needed to produce to forecast levels, as well as track perpetual inventory and accounts for goods produced, sold and discarded.

With C-Pack+ you can:

  • Calculate the true cost of each saleable item with alerts if margin thresholds are violated.
  • Reduce production labor by consolidating steps required to produce like-items and commonly used ingredients.
  • Reduce ingredient shortages because C-Pack+ is tracking their usage through production to recipe and will re-order when safety stock is reached.

C-Pack+ bundles the following software modules: P-Cubed Physical Inventory, P-Cubed Perpetual Inventory and the NutriGen Recipe Manager.