Label Printing Manager - Applied Data Corp


The Label Printing Manager prints barcoded labels for non-weighted bakery and deli items in your grocery or convenience stores. With the Label Printing Manager, store associates utilize a networked PC-browser and a label printer (wireless, stationary or high speed) to generate a barcoded label that can be affixed to a product’s packaging.

The barcoded labels printed by the Label Printing Manager can be custom designed to replicate or enhance existing scale labels. The labels can include all of the same information as those labels printed by price lookup (PLU) computing scales, including price, nutritional facts, allergen warnings and more.

With the Label Printing Manager, you no longer need an expensive printer with built in item selection capability because the software moves the item selection to any touch screen web-browser. This allows the use of less-intelligent, cheaper printers from any manufacturer and greatly reduces annual maintenance costs.

Data-Stream Printers Supported