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ADC’s InterStore is SAP Certified

September 2, 2009

September 2, 2009 – Tampa, Florida – ADC, a leading provider of fresh-item, recipe-management and scales-management software to the grocery-retail and food-service industries, today announced that its InterStore 6.2 Fresh Item Management (FIM) suite has been certified to interoperate with the SAP® for Retail solution portfolio using enterprise services.

With the certification of InterStore 6.2, ADC is ready to fully leverage SAP infrastructure and integrated applications to help mutual clients meet current and emerging business requirements in fresh-food production at the store, while integrating with SAP for Retail. This integration will provide more accurate, timely and pertinent fresh-inventory data to customers for an optimized, fresh-food supply chain.

The SAP Integration and Certification Center has certified ADC’s InterStore 6.2 solution to interoperate with SAP for Retail using enterprise services. This allows retail-grocery enterprises using ADC’s InterStore solution to optimally maintain and manage a store’s perishable goods.

“There is a new paradigm for managing fresh-grocery departments,” said Steve Loveridge, president of ADC, “ADC’s InterStore Fresh Item Management technology, integrated with SAP for Retail, enables the grocery enterprise to manage its supply chain better than ever before.”

“There are exponential advantages in ADC’s FIM application suite when integrated with a modern ERP system,” stated Robert Appell, ADC’s vice president of development, “ADC’s service-oriented architecture allows us to integrate FIM information with SAP solutions, whether it is the cost of goods sold for store-produced items, or inventory movement within the fresh departments. We collect this data during in-store business processes that use browser-based, hand-held scanners, electronic-weigh scales, label printers and touch-screen workstations, aggregating and passing this data to SAP applications in real-time.”

InterStore is ADC’s advanced FIM suite that combines recipe management, scales management and in-store production from within one application suite. The suite allows the stores to produce fresh items using recipes and then manages the fresh inventory until they either sell the item or otherwise adjust the inventory. The suite facilitates managing fresh products to keep them looking the freshest they can be, with reduced overstocks (shrink) and improved sales by reducing out of stocks – all the while making sure the fresh items are properly labeled with nutrition, ingredient, dietary and wellness information. These fresh-item attributes are increasingly important to an evermore health-conscious grocery shopper. InterStore automates industry-proven item handling to increase productivity at the stores, providing real-time summary and exception information to management and headquarters staff. For example, with InterStore the very same recipe that generates the food-safety facts on the scale label is the exact same recipe that the store’s production personnel use to produce that product. That one-for-one advantage helps the stores focus on executing the production well – leaving the details to the headquarters staff who maintain those recipes for consistency, correct food-safety facts and rigorous regard for the food-safety details. This reduces error and increases accuracy, which are both key performance metrics for increased sales and profitability.

InterStore is perpetual-inventory based and keeps the status of the produced items in the store available and accountable at all times. That information is not only important to corporate executives, but also to store personnel who use and need it to improve their department’s operating performance.

About Applied Data Corporation (ADC)

Since 1989, Applied Data Corporation (ADC) has specialized in the development of data-management solutions for the supermarket, grocery, convenience and fresh-food industries. ADC’s InterStore Suite and database represent a fresh-foods focused Master Data Management (MDM) and Product Information Management (PIM) suite comprising distinct but integrated systems such as InterScale, a global technology leader for host management of supermarket barcode-printing scales and printers, NutriGen recipe management and P-Cubed shrink/waste management, fresh inventory management, perishable production planning and demand-driven ordering. InterStore provides efficiencies and optimizes production in fresh-food departments with implementations in over 130 supermarket chains and over 11,000 stores in 11 countries. For more information visit