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ReFresh 2011 Harold Lloyd Highlight Video

Harold Lloyd, presented on "Fresh Merchandising Magic," which outlined research from a customer traffic study, from which he shared merchandising strategies/tactics that help customers move through grocery stores and maximize the amount spent per visit.

ReFresh 2010: “Two Guys, Thirty Minutes” – Michael Sansolo

Michael Sansolo and Kevin Coupe, co-authors of the "Big Picture", discussed the latest industry trends and identified key business lessons that ReFresh 2010 attendees could take home and apply to their businesses.

ReFresh 2010: Anne-Marie Roerink and Lynn Olsen

Anne-Marie Roerink presented on understanding shopper habits in the current economy and Lynn Olsen, PhD spoke on how to overcome cultural challenges in a company to successfully implement Fresh Item Management (FIM) technologies.

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