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A Fresh Perspective on Innovation Trends within Fresh Item Management

October 9, 2018 blog image

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Shamus Hines set out to innovate and modernize the food retail industry when he purchased Applied Data Corporation (ADC) in 2017. He saw great potential in ADC’s 30+ years of deep industry knowledge within fresh food retail and wanted to elevate the company with a new vision for its comprehensive software platform to meet the needs of retailer’s growing focus on fresh.

In an interview Shamus Hines, CEO of ADC, Joydeep Roy, Chief Technology Officer, and Robert Appell, Chief Product Officer, walked us through the latest trends in the fresh food industry and how their innovations are going to set the standard for full operational efficiency for retailers.

What are some of the key changes in the fresh food industry that you have seen in the last year?

RA: We are starting to see the widespread adoption of technology in the fresh departments of grocery and convenience stores. We know for a fact that legacy, paper-based processes are no longer working and that they are not optimal for operational efficiency. Retailers want to tie together all of the various data sets that can be collected and deliver actionable tasks to in-store associates that can be executed and measured.

JR: Data is driving operational decisions and market trends. Retailers are beginning to interpret and visualize data to drive better business outcomes, it has become the driving force behind the technological and analytic initiatives that are happening in the marketplace.

SH: Everyone is talking about the buzzwords like “block chain or AI” but those words mean nothing when the data doesn’t result in obtainable action items. That is why ADC’s new SaaS technology allows the industry to do so much more with inventory data and production planning than in the past. We build partnerships with the retailers that help them define processes, fine tune their operations, and compete on a level that this industry has never seen before.

Where is the fresh retail industry headed in the future?

SH: The role of an Executive is evolving from high level overview to understanding the impact of technology in data. One of the key components to becoming operationally efficient is utilizing both the technology and data to drive decisions. Long gone are the days of how technology is “managed” but looking at it more as “using technology as a service,” building processes not hardware farms.

JR: Fresh is happening NOW! Mini-restaurants (or more commonly known as grocer-aunts) are starting to pop up. Grocery stores are starting to use newer technology to manage those entities. They are becoming more convenient and “mobile-friendly” which allows people to pick-up and go without hassle, building customer satisfaction and loyalty.

RA: A significant shift in the food retail industry is the focus on differentiation via fresh product offerings. Retailers have quickly realized that they are not going to drive significant traffic into their stores by providing the best can of beans. Fresh and prepared foods can offer retailers high profit margins, however they must be produced in the right quantities and at the right time due to their perishable nature. Retailers that manage fresh items successfully are the profit leaders in the industry.

Find out how ADC can help you manage your fresh food items by calling us at 800.910.4232 (4ADC), or E-Mail:Sales@AppliedDataCorp.com.

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